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Vasti Jackson Music Store

Get Vasti's new release "I'm Still In Love With You"

Vasti's new release "I'm Still In Love With You" is a testament to the fact that true love never dies. Passion lives forevermore, and grows stronger with every kiss, and embrace.

Share this delicious sensual sonic delight with that special someone, and let them know that you are still in love.

New Orleans: Rhythm Soul Blues - Album
Vasti Jackson
Released: July, 2013
Purchase/Preview album and individual mp3s at:
The vibrant energy, passion, love, and ecstasy of America's most exotic city put to sound in an exciting mix of um um, so so good, can't get enough, and gimme some mo of sho nuff fonky stuff music!
Sample Tracks

1. The Taste of New Orleans
2. Goin' to Bogalusa
3. Southern Girl
4. I'm so Glad (We Are Back
5. Exclusively
6. Walking in the Rhythm of

7. Please, Don't Come Home
8. Rollin' and Tumblin'
9. The Blues Made Me
10. Brother's Keeper
11. I'm so Glad, Pt. 2

Rhythm, Soul, and Blues! The three corners of the pyramid that is the sound of New Orleans. My grandfather moved from McComb, Mississippi to New Orleans when I was an infant. While visiting him I loved sitting on the porch listening to him, Uncle Freddie (Little Freddie King), and Uncle Shaka playing their guitars, and singing. That sound was so magical, and special. That feeling has never left me. The exchange of musical gifts from the country blues, and gospel of Mississippi, the jungle funk of second line, and the melodic interplay of jazz set my ears on fire! As I grew up, and music grew into me I was nurtured by and mentored by so many great New Orleans artist. The great legendary arranger Wardell Quezergue, Master drummer Earl Palmer, the boss bass of Irving Charles, the super sax of Fred Kemp and many more. They feed me the good gumbo, and it made me strong enough to play with, write for, and produce music for, and with other greats such as Irma Thomas, Wynton Marsalis, Katie Webster, Henry Butler, Marva Wright, Donald Harrison, Harry Connick, jr, and the list goes on.

This is my sonic merci beaucoup, and celebration of the Rhythm Soul Blues of New Orleans that will always light my fiyo. So come along, get your groove on, get your dance on, and do what ya wanna!
Vasti Jackson

No More Christmas Blues  - Single
Vasti Jackson
Released: 2012
Purchase/Preview at:

A modern holiday classic that warms the heart, and stirs the soul!  Sure to secure a place in your all time Christmas favorites.!"


1. No More Christmas Blues

Vasti Jackson Celebrates the Birthplace of America's Music:
First Came the Blues
Vasti Jackson
Released: 2012

Cost: $14.95 + $5.00 S&H

This 2012 DVD features Vasti Jackson talking about the birth of the Blues in the cotton fields of the Mississippi Delta. In addition to the story, fans will be thrilled to hear Jackson play four new original songs on this one-of-a-kind DVD.

Born in McComb, Mississippi in 1959, Vasti Jackson is a world renowned vocalist and guitarist playing Blues, Soul, Jazz, Funk, Gospel and more. He is also songwriter, producer, and arranger and has toured internationally. In 2011, Jackson played the lead role in the play "Robert Johnson The Man, The Myth, The Music!"

Happy Thanksgiving (The Thanksgiving Song) - Single
Vasti Jackson
Released: Oct. 12, 2012
Purchase/Preview at:

2012 Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame inductee Vasti Jackson serves
up a soulful romp fill with Mississippi rhythm N blues and gospel, and Louisiana zydeco soul. "Happy Thanksgiving" (The Thanksgiving Song)
is an instant holiday classic!


1. Happy Thanksgiving (The Thanksgiving Song) 

Stimulus Man - Album
Vasti Jackson
Released: Oct. 16, 2010
Purchase/Preview album and individual mp3s at:

Exciting, energetic and soulful! Vasti Jackson's Sound is unlike any other
in today's contemporary music scene. With a voice of equal parts honey
and husk, and penetrating guitar playing that's fire and ice, soothingly
cool and warm, with a vocal like quality that tells the story words can not

1. Blues Booty
2. Stimulus Man
3. Juke Joint Jump
4. Extra Special
5. My Computer

7. I'll Dry Your Tears
8. Angel of Mercy
9. Only So Much Oil
10. No Pay day
11. Climbing

Bourbon Street Blues - Live in Nashville - Album
Vasti Jackson
Released: May 18, 2007
Purchase/Preview album and individual mp3s at:

A no holds barred, live, walking the razors edge, funky blues celebration
that puts you slap dab in the middle of the juke joint.

1. Mr V's Vicious Shuffle
2. Let The Good Times Roll
3. Hoochie Coochie Man
4. Rock Me Baby
5. You Send Me
6. Let's Get It On
7. Nawlins Jam (Sissy Strut, Hey
    Pockey Way)

8. Band Intro
9. Hey Joe
10. Red House
11. Now Woman No Cry
12. Hurricane Season
13. Amazing Grace

No Borders To The Blues - Album
Vasti Jackson
Released: 2003
Purchase/Preview album and individual mp3s at:

Intense, funky, soulful, rocking, deep futuristic blues with guitar as hot as
the Mississippi Delta and vocals honed by the trail of life.

1. No Borders To the Blues
2. The Fix It Man
3. Monkey Dii Doo
4. Man Alone
5. That's It, I Quit
6. When The Night Comes
7. No Deposit
8. 383 Emergency

9. Up In Here
10. Say Goodbye
11. America, Proud And Strong
12. Taste Of New Orleans
13. Sweet Magnolia
14. Train Rolling Blues
15. Casino In The Cotton Fields
16. Katie Webster's Hands

Roots and Fruits - Single
Vasti Jackson
Released: May 14, 2010
Purchase/Preview album and individual mp3s at:

If you have ever turned on a computer this song is for you. Details the
love-hate relationship that we have with the digital world. The adventure,
laughter, fears, and tears put to a Funky track with lyric we all can relate
to. Soulful vocals, and intense down home rocking guitar. Virtual blues at
it's best, baby!

1. My Computer Turned On Me  

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